Custom Rug Cleaning Services in Alexandria, VA

Custom rug cleaning services are perfect for removing dirt, dust, and odors from high-quality fabrics with beautiful designs. At McLean Cleaners, we work on oriental rugs and other unique rugs to preserve them for as long as possible. Our professionals provide cleaning services using the best equipment and help prevent future stains. Dirt particles, smells, and allergens stick to your carpet fibers because of pets and heavy foot traffic that pass through on a daily basis. We’re the best option for spot cleaning rugs because we pay close attention to the details to give you an excellent final result.

We Clean Delicate and Beautiful Oriental Rugs

Our oriental rug cleaners will use the right tools and solutions for the materials your rug is made of. Whether it’s made of wool or silk, we understand that these unique rugs are made of delicate materials that require a special type of treatment to keep clean. We keep your rugs looking beautiful all year round by using the proper cleaning techniques for your style of rug. While our solutions are tough on dirt, we always make sure not to discolor or damage the fibers.

McLean Cleaners takes into account various factors when cleaning unique rugs, including age, the different color dyes used, and material compositions. We’ll prolong the life of your investment with top-of-the-line rug cleaning services. When you’re looking for affordable services, reach out to our custom rug cleaners near the Alexandria, VA area.

Your Source for Unique Rug Cleaning

McLean Cleaners are dependable professionals near the Alexandria, VA area who are skilled in custom rug cleaning. Make us part of your spring-cleaning routine and freshen up your home. We specialize in washing unique rugs made from a variety of delicate materials and fibers. Bring us your decorative oriental rugs made of wool, silk, or other fibers that require a professional touch. Vacuuming can only do so much because dirt and grime goes beneath the surface and is often overlooked. Our custom rug cleaners will carefully handle your rugs and use the appropriate techniques to clean them without damage, so you can enjoy them for many years to come. 

Come to Our Custom Rug Cleaners Today!

Keep the beautiful, decorative rugs in your home looking as good as new with professional cleaning services. With routine cleaning, our contractors can remove and prevent stains, dirt, and odors from accumulating over time. Our team cleans oriental rugs using gentle stain removers that do an excellent job of preserving your rugs. For nearly 60 years, we’ve helped customers keep their rugs in the best condition. Call us today at 703-356-5321.

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