Professional Fur Coat Cleaners Near Loudoun, VA

The McLean Cleaners professionals are conveniently located near the Loudoun, VA area and provide excellent fur coat cleaning services. From the interior lining to the fur and skin, we use the best techniques to clean your garments. You can keep your hand-me-downs and vintage furs in good condition for longer with help from our professional fur coat cleaners. If you need to remove spills, odors or bacteria from your furs, it’s important to use the right cleaning solutions and tools that are effective enough for the job. We have experience removing stains and wrinkles without damaging the fur or burning the lining. Bring your items into our fur cleaners today and get your fur-lined accessories and fur coats cleaned with the best results.

How Do You Take Care of A Fur Coat?

We preserve elegant fur garments with skill and careful attention to detail for clients near the Loudoun, VA area. Our dry cleaners for fur coats know that these types of outerwear can quickly attract dust or dirt, so they suggest getting them professionally cleaned at least twice a year, especially if it is worn frequently. We also recommend that you brush the fur and use fabric spray to deter insects in between visits to the dry cleaners. Hang your furs in a special garment bag to prevent them from absorbing sunlight or being damaged by bugs or accumulating dust. When it’s time to bring it in for a good clean, you can count on our fur coat cleaners to use all the tried and true techniques for furs. We use high-quality products to keep your coats damage-free and fresh for as long as possible.

McLean Cleaners Offers Dependable Service

For over 58 years, we’ve served the community near Loudoun, VA with excellent fur cleaning services they can depend on. Because of our vast experience and commitment to quality, McLean Cleaners stands out from others in the industry and has been voted the best in the D.C. metro area. Our professional fur coat cleaners are serious about their job and are members of organizations such as:

  • Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute
  • International Fabricare Institute
  • International Dry Cleaners Congress

You can trust us to take good care of your items, no matter what fabrics— gowns made from delicate materials or rugged leather jackets you own. We offer outstanding cleaning services that are unmatched by our competitors in the area. Don’t hesitate to drop off your fur garments to get great results by our experienced fur cleaners.

Drop Off Your Fur Items Today

McLean Cleaners is here to meet our customers’ fur coat cleaning needs. If you’re near the Loudoun, VA area, you can get convenient dry cleaning services from knowledgeable specialists who know their stuff. Whether it’s which cleaning solution to use on furs or how to properly care for them in between visits, our experience makes a difference. Our team aims to deliver customer satisfaction with every interaction, so we pride ourselves in adhering to the highest industry standards. Get in contact with our staff at 703-356-5321 to learn more about our dry cleaners for fur coats.

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