Leather & Specialty Dry Cleaning in McLean, VA

Leather and suede are some of the more popular materials in clothing construction today. Historically reserved for coats and jackets, leather is used more and more for pants, skirts, shirts, and sweaters. If you have leather clothing that needs to be cleaned, trust the professionals at McLean Cleaners. We have a long history cleaning all kinds of specialty items, including leather and suede. So whether it’s the leather coat you just pulled out of storage or a beautiful suede skirt you spilled something on, in McLean, VA, McLean Cleaners will take care of your apparel with our leather and suede dry cleaning services.

Our Dry Cleaning Services

You may see many tutorials online for cleaning your leather at home. However, without the proper products and know-how, you may do irreversible damage to that beloved leather jacket. Don’t take the risk; bring your leather good to McLean Cleaners for the appropriate care.

We can clean most leather and suede clothing. Here is a list of possibilities:

  • Jackets
  • Coats
  • Vests
  • Gloves
  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Sweaters
  • Fur Trimmed Items
  • Handbags and Purses

Dry Cleaning Leather

Daily wear gives the leather a distinctive patina and adds to its unique look. Along with that individual look, your leather jacket may become dirty with wear. We are the best dry cleaners to take care of your favorite leather coat. At McLean Cleaners we have the knowledge and experience necessary to care for many of your leather items.

Suede Dry Cleaning

Suede is a soft, supple leather that becomes dirty easily. It is challenging to keep suede looking new, which is why having a dry cleaner you can trust is crucial. McLean Cleaners is your top solution for making sure your suede clothing looks good.

The nature of leather is that it is meant to last for years. It is not unheard of for our clients to have pieces in their wardrobe that have been passed down from generation to generation. With our careful leather dry cleaning services, that article can be shown the care it deserves and be passed on to yet another generation.

McLean Cleaning

Bring your leather goods to McLean Cleaners for the appropriate care. Having your dry cleaning handled by professionals provides longevity to those pieces of clothing. With proper care and cleaning, leather will endure for years to come. You can save yourself hundreds of dollars having to replace expensive or priceless leather jackets by allowing McLean Cleaners to dry clean your apparel.

We are conveniently located in McLean, VA and in close proximity to many cities in the D.C. metro area. If you have questions about our services or the type of items we clean, please call or stop by. You can reach our professional dry cleaners at 703-356-5321.

Fur Coat
Leather Jacket and suede & fur lined gloves
Sheepskin boots
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