Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation for McLean, VA

Many women dream of their wedding dresses at a young age. So when the big day finally comes, you want to make sure it looks its best then and for years to come. Many brides save their wedding dresses over the years to remember their special day. McLean Cleaners specializes in cleaning wedding dresses old and new across the McLean, VA area. McLean Cleaners has been trusted by notable brides such as Jenna Bush Hager to clean and preserve their wedding and bridal dresses.

Our Cleaning Philosophy

Your wedding dress is important to you, so we inspect every inch of the gown. Our team takes great care to clean the hemline and remove any visible stains. We’ve seen it all. Our specialists have a long history of removing water damage, wine, grass and dirt stains in an effective manner. We will remove any decorative trims or embellishments before cleaning and reattach them after, if necessary.

We do all wedding gown preservation in-house. Each bride is invited to inspect the gown before preservation to ensure it is up to her standards. Once it’s dry cleaned, your gown will be placed in an acid-free box using acid-free tissue. This will help prevent the gown from yellowing over time and is the best way to store the gown for years to come.

Call McLean Cleaners for Wedding Dress Preservation

Your veil can be hand cleaned and preserved as well, either in the same box as the gown or in a box by itself. For more information about our dry cleaning and preservation services, call us at 703-356-5321.

Jenna Bush's Wedding Gown

Jenna Bush Hager’s gown was preserved and cleaned at McLean Cleaners.

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