Heirloom & Vintage Textiles

Our customers have trusted us for decades to clean and preserve their heirloom items. Whether it’s washing vintage clothing, cleaning wedding dresses or table linens, or taking care of any other type of heirloom textiles, McLean Cleaners has the knowledge and skills to take care of your valuable items. If you’re looking for the best vintage, heirloom cleaners near the McLean, VA, area, then our shop is your best bet.

We have been in business for 58 years and have built a loyal customer base in the Washington Metropolitan area. A few of our notable clientele include:

  • The White House
  • The CIA
  • The Capital
  • Various Embassies
  • And More

All of our cleaning is done in shop. At McLean Cleaners, heirloom or vintage items can often be cleaned successfully through either dry cleaning or delicate hand washing. We can take care of any type of garment or textile, and we specialize in handling delicate, vintage items that require a fine touch. We offer cleaning and preservation services for the following items:

  • Christening / Baptismal Gowns
  • Antique and Vintage Clothing
  • Wedding Gowns
  • Uniforms
  • Quilts
  • Table Linens
  • Hand-Stitched Items

Are you afraid to use your grandmother’s tablecloth because someone might spill on it? Don’t worry, we can get out the red wine, candle wax, and other food stains.

Wedding dresses are one of our more popular items. We understand what it means to preserve your wedding gown, even if it’s been stained and in storage for years, we can handle it with our expertise. The staff here at McLean Cleaners has been educated through the DLI (Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute). We know what we’re doing and how to handle your heirloom and vintage items.

In addition, our shop uses eco-friendly cleaning methods and we recycle as much as we can. We carefully clean your heirlooms by hand. Whether it’s an old family heirloom or a new favorite tablecloth, we can make it look like new again. We also offer repairs on many items.

To find out more information call us at 703-356-5321.

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