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Why You Should Preserve Your Wedding Dress

You said yes to the dress, then yes to your life partner. An amazing wedding gown is one of the crown jewels in the memory of your wedding day. But although some people think the dress only matters for one day, it can become a life-long memento or even a family...

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Suit Maintenance Tips

There is nothing that is considered as elegant and stylish as a well-fitted suit. For men, it is an investment worth making. While finding yourself the right suit can be a task in itself, keeping it in good condition is just as difficult as suits tend to...

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Wedding Dresses

For a bride, choosing the perfect wedding dress is central to the wedding itself and why wouldn't it be? A wedding day is the day when she gets to be the star of the show. She knows that every set of eyes will be on her, and she would want to look her...

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How To Care For Your Leather And Suede Items

We all have that one pair of suede or leather items that we love to the core. But keeping them in good shape? That's where the challenge comes in. Not many people know how to properly care for their expensive items, especially during the winter.If you are...

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Tips For Dry Cleaning

Have you ever heard the saying that when you look good, you feel good? If not, chances are you have been living under a rock, but for those who have had it, how true do you feel that this statement is? Getting dressed up and looking dapper really does have...

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Reasons to have your Wedding Dress Cleaned Professionally

Your wedding day was one of the most important days of your life, right? You carefully planned each portion of the event from where to get married, who to invite, what food to eat and what your dress would look like. Picking a wedding gown is no easy task....

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3 Reasons to Clean your Winter Clothes before Storing them

With the warmer weather here, it's time to put the sweaters and winter coats away until they are needed when the snow starts to fall. However, as you start to put those winter clothes away, have you considered having them dry cleaned first? There are many...

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Why Does That Need To Be Dry Cleaned?

Do you know why some of your more delicate fabrics, dresses, or rugs need to be dry cleaned? It might seem like a chore to have to stop by to drop off and pick up your items, but you are helping yourself in the long run. When your belongings last longer...

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