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For a bride, choosing the perfect wedding dress is central to the wedding itself and why wouldn’t it be? A wedding day is the day when she gets to be the star of the show. She knows that every set of eyes will be on her, and she would want to look her absolute best.

However, the task is easier said than done. With an array of wedding dress styles and necklines, it is quite easy to get lost in the hullabaloo. In this blog, we are going to discuss all the styles of wedding dresses and the best fabrics for them.


A-line Wedding Dress
An incredibly popular style, an A-line wedding dresses remain narrow at the top and gradually widens as it flows down, creating an ‘A’ shape. The dress is perfect for pear-shaped brides as it accentuates their curves and makes their waist seem smaller.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress
One of the traditional styles, a ball gown is a full-length wedding dress with a dramatic skirt. It usually has a fitted bodice while a skirt may differ pattern and fabric. The dress is perfect for brides who dream of a fairy-tale wedding and wish to look like a princess.

Mermaid Wedding Dress
A lovely mermaid wedding dress offers a fitted bodice, following the contours of a body before flaring out at the knee. Brides who have a thin waist and a curvy body get this style of wedding dress for an elegant look. Go for it if you are planning a glamorous wedding!

Sheath Wedding Dress
A sheath or column wedding dress is great for willowy, tall brides. The wedding dress fits very closely to contours of the body from head to toe. It emphasizes the waist and comes in many patterns and lengths.

Empire Wedding Dress
Slim brides with small busts can choose this lovely wedding dress style. The dress is high-waisted with a flowy loose-fitting skirt that goes all the way down to the feet and has a flared hem. It is also great for apple-shaped brides.


Halter Neckline
A halter gown offers a shoulder-flattering cut in the front with deep armholes or two straps extending from the bodice meeting at the back of the neck. Brides with a good back should wear this.

Sweetheart Neckline
Brides love this neckline! A sweetheart neckline looks like the top half of a heart and accentuates the décolletage. It is one of the most preferred styles.

Staying true to its name, a V-neckline dips down towards the torso, making a plunging V shape in the front. It exposes the décolletage and is great for brides with a long neck.

Square Neckline
Perfect for well-endowed brides, square neckline comes in an angular shape, accentuated by three linear edges that do not cross over. It has a straight bodice and gives off an innocent look.

Boat Neckline
Boat neckline covers the entire front of a bride, following the collarbone from shoulder to shoulder. The edges are usually straight cut with a modest appearance.


Satin is not a fiber, but a finish. For brides planning to go for this fabric, they must choose a satin that’s made of pure silk, all polyester, or a blend. It is versatile and is a very durable wedding dress fabric.

A light, rich fabric with a lovely drape and a glossy sheen, charmeuse is a material made of silk and in some cases, synthetic fibers giving it a gorgeous liquid effect.

Chiffon is sheer in appearance and is a light-weight fabric. More often than not, it is donned as an overlay for a more substantial fabric, providing it with a wavy, weightless look.

One of the most worn wedding dress fabrics, lace adds grace to the appearance of any bride. It is often used as an overlay and in the dress details.

When you choose your wedding dress, make sure that it not only accentuates your look but also resonates with your style!


December 2018
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