How To Care For Your Leather And Suede Items

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We all have that one pair of suede or leather items that we love to the core. But keeping them in good shape? That’s where the challenge comes in. Not many people know how to properly care for their expensive items, especially during the winter.

If you are on the fence about how to care and maintain your expensive leather and suede wearables, here are a few tips that will help you keep them looking their best.

Give Your Leather And Suede Items Everyday Care

Regular Brushing And Polishing
The best way to keep your leather and suede items in top condition is to brush and polish them regularly. You can use brushes that are specifically made for suede items. These brushes come with wire and rubber bristles that easily remove dirt and debris from suede wearables. For leather items, polishing is a great way to maintain their shine. You can also use leather conditioners and creams to moisturize the material so that it doesn’t dry out and crack.

Coating For Protection
Adding an extra layer of protection can work wonders for your suede and leather items. Coating helps in reducing the hassle by repelling stain causing problems like water, snow, and baby drool. Leather wearers can opt for a wax coating as it is easy and affordable. For suede materials, there are suede protector sprays available in the market. Make sure that you spray the protector all over the material and let it dry properly. These treatments generally need to be done only once a year.

Instant Stain Removal
When it comes to leather and suede, it is better to remove stains as soon as they occur. The longer it takes, the greater the chance that the stain will be permanently soaked into the material. For leather items, something as simple as baby wipes can work, as most wipes contain lanolin oil, which is a moisturizing agent. For suede, you can use remedies like colorless pencil erasers, paper towels, and baking soda. If none of these work, buy a leather cleaner or get your wearables cleaned by professionals.

Things To Keep In Mind

Leather Needs To Breathe
For the most part, the process is natural. Air can pass through a leather material, leaving moisture to evaporate quickly. However, this needs ventilation. This means your leather must not be sealed up and have some space for air. Hence, use storage or travel bags instead of plastic bags when packing your leather items. Even when storing your leather items at home, make sure they are appropriately kept in breathable fabrics.

Keep Your Leather Items Away From Sunlight
No matter how convenient it may seem, never put your waterlogged leather materials in a dryer or on a heater. When directly heated after getting soaked, the material can shrink and dry out, ruining the item. It is best to let it dry naturally, even if it takes a couple of days. In addition, keep your leather away from direct sunlight when storing, so the color doesn’t fade away.

Get Your Leather And Suede Items Cleaned By Professionals
It is important to note that cleaning leather and suede is always risky, and many times stains donโ€™t come out completely. Sometimes, it is best to turn to the professionals to see if they can remove stains for you or if the stain appears to be more permanent; that way, you don’t risk furthering the damage against the material. To see what leather cleaning services we at McLean Cleaners offer, contact us today at 703-356-5321.

November 2018
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