Tips For Dry Cleaning

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Have you ever heard the saying that when you look good, you feel good? If not, chances are you have been living under a rock, but for those who have had it, how true do you feel that this statement is?

Getting dressed up and looking dapper really does have a positive effect, and we know how to provide that feeling for you every time you bring your clothes in for a cleaning. If you have never brought your clothes in to be cleaned, make sure to follow these simple rules to keep your clothing looking like new:

Remove Items from your Pockets

Many people are in a rush to get the things done on their to-do list. This can often lead to customers forgetting about items like coins, keys, money, pens and other items. This items not only could damage your clothes, but the others in the same batch as yours.

Remember to Read the Labels on your Clothes

It’s essential to check the labels on your clothing before you turn it over to one of our dry cleaning specialists. The label will have the suggested laundry care requirements from the manufacturer. In most cases, checking the label will confirm that your garments are made for dry clean only.

Remember to Point out any Stains

Certain stains require specialized attention to be fully removed. It will be beneficial for you to reference where these stains are located as well as what type of stain it is, so our dry cleaning professionals can properly remove the stain, giving you the best results.

Remember to Check for Existing Damages

It will only take you a couple of minutes to thoroughly examine the condition of your clothes. With this glance, you can spot any potentially missing buttons, loose threads, or broken zippers. Just like with pointing out stains, it will only benefit you to let us know of any current damages.

September 2018
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