Suit Maintenance Tips

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There is nothing that is considered as elegant and stylish as a well-fitted suit. For men, it is an investment worth making. While finding yourself the right suit can be a task in itself, keeping it in good condition is just as difficult as suits tend to wear out easily.

If you own a suit that you wish to keep around for a long time, here are a few tips to help you. These tips will not only save both your time and money, but will also ensure that you look the best wearing your suit every time!

1) Brush It Regularly

By brushing your suit after each outing, you can keep it in good condition for a long time. Brushing not only helps in removing the dirt but also doubles the time between your visits to the cleaners. Make sure to use a soft brush with natural bristles for the cleaning. Gently begin with the shoulder, then work your way down until all the dirt is removed.

2) Hang With Care

Hang your suit on a butler stand or an appropriately shaped coat hanger. The right hanger will have a contoured shape that matches the shape of your jacket. Also, make sure that it is hung in a well-ventilated part of the house. This will let the suit dry well and go back into its original shape, making it look as good as new.

3) Avoid Ironing It

Avoid ironing your suit as much as you can. Try using a steamer instead because it will delicately remove wrinkles and odors from your suit. You can use a regular iron if you want, just remember to put a press cloth in between as a barrier to protect the fabric.

4) Give It A Break

Like all other garments, your suit also needs some rest so never wear a suit multiple days in a row. It is best to buy at least two to three suits which you can rotate regularly. Once you are done wearing a suit, hang it in an open, airy space to de-moisturize.

5) Pack It Well

While traveling, make sure that you have packed your suit well. Because it is an expensive garment, it should be handled with extra care. Put your suit in a garment bag. The bag should be easy to carry and breathable. If you are traveling without a garment bag, fold your suit properly to minimize the wrinkles.

6) Mend Quickly

No matter how small, as soon as you see a fray or a moth hole, fix it immediately. The small holes can easily be mended and leave no traces of repair. It is the best way to keep your suit damage-free for a long time. Make sure that you check your suit for small damages after every wear.

7) Handle It Properly

Ultimately, it all comes down to how you handle your suit. Be careful and gentle when you take it off. Also, ensure that you are not putting extra strain on your suit while doing activities like getting out of a car or lifting something. Air your suit properly and hang the garment on a suitable hanger.

Remember, it is your suit. Donโ€™t treat it like a pair of jeans. If you need further assistance with the cleaning and maintenance of your suit, our experts at McLean Cleaners will be happy to help you!


December 2018
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