3 Reasons to Clean Your Winter Clothes Before Storing them

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With the warmer weather here, it’s time to put the sweaters and winter coats away until they are needed when the snow starts to fall.

However, as you start to put those winter clothes away, have you considered having them dry cleaned first? There are many benefits to dry cleaning your clothes before you put them away. Here are a few:

Your clothes will smell fresh

Do you have a sweater that you love to wear when it gets cold outside? Is there anything more devastating when you open up the box that your sweater is stored in, and the whole box smells musty? Instead of washing the clothes after smelling the odd odor from the box, having your clothes cleaned before you store them will add a freshness to your winter wardrobe.

You will ensure that your clothes are insect-free

Insects tend to love warm locations. You don’t want to open your stored clothes only to find unwelcome guests have moved in. By dry cleaning the clothes prior to storage, they are less attractive to insects. Insects are actually drawn to clothing because of food or stains that are on the fabric.

Get rid of stains

Does your winter wardrobe have any lingering, stubborn stains that have refused to come out after multiple washes? If so, dry cleaning can help eliminate those tricky stains, as well as the stains that you are not aware of. Not only does dry cleaning allow you to get rid of any pre-existing stains on your clothes, but it also allows for these clothes to be ready for wear as soon as you pull them out of storage when winter arrives.

We clean and launder all garments including shirts, trousers, blazers, dresses and so much more. Your garments retain their color and texture and are returned to you clean and smelling fresh. We also offer repairs on many types of garments. Dry cleaning your winter wardrobe before you stow it away for the summer ensures that your clothes will be fresh and ready for wear as soon as you unpack them.

Additional clothing storage tips

Storing your seasonal clothing takes a little more effort than tossing them in a box that goes to the basement or in under the bed. After you have us clean your clothes, here are a few helpful tips for their storage:

Store in breathable cloth bins: Make sure to store your clothes in canvas bags or fabric containers, not cardboard boxes or plastic bins. Breathable containers protect the clothing from insects and dust, while allowing the fabric to breathe.

Don’t vacuum seal: Vacuum sealing your clothing may sound like a good idea, but clothing does need to breathe to retain freshness. Additionally, by compressing the fibers in your clothes, the vacuum seal can permanently warp and damage them.

Use cedar balls: Mothballs are commonly used to ward off bugs, but they can actually damage clothing and may be hazardous to humans. Instead of mothballs, which are typically made from naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene, use cedar, a natural way to repel moths.


August 2018
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