Fur Coat Cleaners in Tysons, VA

Natural animal hair fur coats require special care to stay clean and remain in excellent condition. Professional fur coat dry cleaning services from McLean Cleaners is the best way to ensure your garment is clean, well preserved, and looks great for years to come. Our location near the Tysons area of Virginia specializes in a wide array of specialty dry cleaning services for furs and fur-lined clothing.

Whether your coat is brand new or has been passed down, we can keep it looking its best year after year. In cleaning furs, there is the hair and the skin to clean as well as the interior lining. All of these components require different cleaning methods and solutions. It takes a professional dry cleaner to ensure your furs are cleaned appropriately and not damaged in the process.

Professional Dry Cleaning Services

McLean Cleaners recommends you have us dry clean your fur coat or fur-trimmed apparel at least once a year, twice if you wear it frequently. Once at the beginning of the season to ensure the garment is ready to wear and a second time at the end of the season as preparation for storage. Our method provides you with a thorough, deep clean every time. No matter if you use your coat throughout the fall, winter and spring seasons, or wear it once or twice a year, professional fur coat dry cleaning by McLean Cleaners is the best way to have your fur coat or fur-lined garment cleaned.

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McLean Cleaners has been voted the best cleaners for the Washington DC Metropolitan area. With over 50 years in business, we possess a knowledge base and experience that surpasses other dry cleaners in the area. Additionally, we are a Professional Member of the Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute, the International Fabricare Institute and International Dry Cleaners Congress. Along with our training and accolades, we dry clean a wide assortment of items. Fur coats are only one of our specialties. With such close proximity to Washington DC, we clean everything from ball gowns to vintage and heirloom items.

Put your trust in McLean Cleaners to care for and dry clean your furs. Please call us at 703-356-5321 with any questions about our services.

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