Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation Services Near Washington D.C.


Wedding dresses have a significant impact; it’s safe to say that they tend to be one of the main focal points of a wedding ceremony. Aside from that, wedding dresses often become heirloom pieces too. You can preserve the integrity of your wedding dress with the help of McLean Cleaners near Washington D.C. Our professional wedding dress cleaning and preservation services will ensure that your wedding dress in the best hands. Our experts will keep your dress looking sharp and gorgeous for the years to come. Our knowledge and experience are perfect for taking out stains of all kinds such as food, wine spills, dirt, dust, water damage, and sweat. When you bring your wedding dress to us, we take great care to keep all the embellishments and trim intact.

What We Can Do For You

You can expect the finest services when you come into McLean Cleaners for wedding dress cleaning and preservation services. As a part of our services, we welcome you to inspect your dress before and after we clean your garment. We know you’ll be satisfied with our detailed work. When we complete the cleaning process for your wedding dress, we store the garment in an acid-free box with acid-free tissue paper. This airtight, nitrogen-filled preservation box will keep your gown from becoming discolored over time. In addition, our services even extend to veils. They’ll be taken care of with the same care as your dress and they can be stored in the same container or its own box.

Our wedding dress cleaning services are perfect for customers who want to preserve their wedding dresses to hand down to another generation or for brides who are wearing a dress that has been in the family for years. Whatever the case may be, you can always rely on McLean Cleaners to take care of your wedding dress.

Your Expert Garment Cleaners

We take pride in our services and we’re always committed to providing our customers with the finest services and quality results. Come to our shop near Washington D.C., or give us a call today at 703-356-5321.

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