Wedding Dress Cleaners in Alexandria, VA

A wedding dress is a central fixture at a wedding because of its dazzling appearance and how it highlights the bride alongside the groom. McLean Cleaners near Alexandria, VA, provides wedding dress cleaning services that will keep your family heirloom looking its best for generations to come. Our skilled cleaners handle these delicate gowns carefully to work around embellishments and trim in order to avoid damage and ensure that they stay intact. Through our wedding dress preservation services, we remove water damage, wine stains, and dirt. Drop off your dress and we’ll take care of making it look beautiful and classic as it was before.

Bring Your Wedding Dress Into Our Cleaners

Clean and preserve your wedding dress, so it can look as beautiful as the day you bought it. Our cleaners handle wedding dresses with the utmost care and attention because we know how much it means to you. When you take care of your dress, you can keep it in good enough condition to pass it down to other family members as an heirloom. If you have a gown that you’ve hung up for a while, you can bring it in for preservation services. We will store it in an acid-free box lined with tissue paper that’s airtight and filled with nitrogen to prevent discoloration. We can preserve your veil as well and put it in its own box. You can expect the best service from the dry cleaners at McLean Cleaners near Alexandria, VA.

Contact Us for Wedding Dress Preservation

When you visit our wedding day cleaners, you’ll immediately notice our commitment to excellent customer service and detailed dry cleaning. The professional team at McLean Cleaners takes pride in providing wedding dress preservation services with outstanding results. You can count on the white-glove treatment provided to you by our trained and experienced cleaners. We’ll return your gown to you in pristine condition, so you can resell it or hold onto it in a preservation box and pass it down to other family members. Get in contact with us today at 703-356-5321 to learn more about our wedding dress cleaning services.

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