Bridal Dress Preservation for Falls Church, VA


Your wedding day is a day that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. When you’ve spent months planning and prepping, you want to be able to cherish your wedding day for years to come. What better way to remember your wedding than by preserving your wedding gown? After falling in love with the perfect gown, it shouldn’t be left to gather dust in the corner of your basement.

At McLean Cleaners, our professionals understand the sentimental and financial significance of your wedding gown. That’s why we strive to provide premium wedding gown preservation services to Loudoun, VA. Whether you walked down the aisle three or thirty years ago, we’ll do our best get it sparkling like it was on your wedding day.

Our wedding gown cleaning process begins by inspecting every inch of your gown. We’ll keep an eye out for stains on the dress and along the hemline. Afterwards, our professionals will carefully remove stains. We go the extra mile, even removing decorative trims or embellishments to protect them. After our thorough and gentle wedding gown dry cleaning process, we’ll reattach any trims or embellishments back on the dress.

All of our dry cleaning and preservation occur in house, allowing our brides to examine their dresses after cleaning and before preservation. We want to make sure that we get even the smallest details just right. After we’ve finished, we’ll carefully place your beautiful gown in an acid-free box, with acid-free tissue, which will prevent your gown from yellowing over the years. We can also hand clean and preserve your veil as well and store it either in the same box or in a box by itself.

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